Patriot Strategies

Our Partnership with Patriot Strategies provides:

  • Access to an experienced global Public Relations and media firm
  • DC Lobby with significant legislative experience and successful track record with Fortune 500 clients
  • Direct connections at highest levels to international government leaders (state departments, public-private partnerships, large industrial partners)

DoD SkillBridge Program

As an approved, trusted partner in the US Department of Defense (DOD) SkillBridge program, Danu proudly offers opportunities for Service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through apprenticeships.

For Service members, SkillBridge provides an invaluable chance to work and learn in civilian career areas prior to leaving the active duty military. Service members can be granted up to 180 days of duty to focus full-time on industry professional training and integration.

For industry partners SkillBridge is an opportunity to access and leverage highly trained and motivated leaders at no cost. Service members participating in SkillBridge receive their military compensation and benefits, and industry partners like Danu, via its advisory subsidiary Thorium One, provide the professional training and work experience.



Nate is a former nuclear submarine officer that draws on his technical, operational, and strategic background to solve complex multidomain problems as an engineer, operator, and program manager.

Nate led small teams and leveraged systems engineering expertise to operate a $2B submarine on zero-fail missions. He is a certified Naval Nuclear Engineer by the Department of Energy and has experience with technical integration across many disciplines including nuclear mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering, IT, material science, and distributed sensing.

While assigned to The Pentagon, Nate worked across the defense enterprise to develop novel undersea capabilities. He provided strategic guidance to decision-makers shaping the next 10 years of navy investments. Nate also served as a Military Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for travel operations, driving global key-leader engagements. Nate is currently studying the intersection of technology and national security while pursuing a master’s degree at Georgetown University.

University of Notre Dame, BS