Advanced Infrastructure for Global Security

We invest in companies driving significant transformation in infrastructure models serving the interests of national security and stability. 

Building at the intersection of National Security and new infrastructure.

Danu provides early-stage investment access to technology companies with a focus on national security, new infrastructure, and their adjacent, enabling industries.

What we do

Danu partners with companies that possess significant cost or technology advantages in established markets.

We excel at evaluating technologies and identifying market opportunities, especially at inflection points of scale.

As seasoned founders and operators, we have a proven track record of building, procuring, and enhancing the performance of advanced technologies  for nation states and companies of all sizes globally.

We are trusted allies of scientists, engineers, and founders with extensive network and over 100 years of combined expertise.

We provide active support to these innovators through equity investment or strategic advisory, ensuring the successful launch of products in both the intricate global security domain and commercial markets.

Danu  Investments

EarthGrid is enabling a new National Super-Grid using patented tunnel boring robots and plasma technology at up to 100x faster and 1/10th of the cost.

Seasats builds low-cost autonomous surface vehicles for customers in research, commercial, and defense industries.

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NightVision is creating ‘spell-check’ for code—comprehensive security scans in 3-8 minutes—identifying potential security risks and vulnerabilities at the source without slowing continuous integration.

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Lucid’s US-based drone manufacturing produces cleaning and service robots, creating 4x efficiencies customers.

Privateer is a space domain awareness and navigation service for satellite operators, creating a new space data marketplace for end-users.

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DLT delivers parametric cyber insurance, up to 90% of coverage costs for carriers and the insured.

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KETOS transforms how water
operators digitally measure, manage, and forecast water quality and efficiency in 
Industrial, Agricultural, and 
Municipal applications

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